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Boneyards photo by: Thomas Kaestner

It was a swell day on an overcast dawn patrol morning in North County San Diego. My surf sisters Molly, Terri, and Kim M, checked out Turtles. Walls of water closing out, and we had longboards. Except Kim had a shorter board, but even the look on her face, she wasn’t sure about paddling out.

I thought, “Hmmm, maybe? Maybe not? “

It was early enough that we would have time to go to another break.

Suddenly to my surprise, Terri suggested Boneyards. Still being new to San Diego breaks anything was better than the NY beach breaks! Back in…

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My first shortboard in Montauk

As I trolled the street around 6:45 am looking for parking before my surf lesson at Del Mar, I blasted the heat a bit because it was “cold,” according to Southern California terms. I was half-dressed in my wetsuit, so my legs were warm, but my upper torso was a bit chilled even though I had on a hoodie. I found a spot close to the Power House Park and backed in, hopped out of my car, practically ran to the back of the car to warm up and flung open the hatchback of my Prius. I pulled out my…

A Dream Trip of Two Passions that Collided

The Wine and Waves Tour came about when I closed my Pilates studio in 2015. It was a painful experience and I needed an outlet or a plan for the next phase of my life. I poured 12 years of blood, sweat and tears into my Pilates studio. I needed to do something different.

I wanted to travel for six months, but the harsh reality of closing my studio instead of selling it was soul-crushing. I broke even, which is a positive thing when you close a business, but I had no…

Kim Kuznitz

My name is Kim Kuznitz and I am a surfer, fitness entrepreneur and sommelier. My medium page is a blog about surfing, fitness and my entrepreneurial journey.

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